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Eat Well, Borrow Well; the Preventative for Debt Indigestion

Can food teach us something about borrowing money?  I think it can.  Follow me. My family and I went to a local sports grill for dinner last week.  The juicy burger richly robed in cream cheese and jalapeños reached out … Continue reading

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Borrowers with an Attitude; Debt for Thought

Thanksgiving is a special day for Americans.  It’s a day we celebrate all kinds of good fortune and even some discomforts.  In the midst of the worst financial crisis since The Great Depression I have a short list of things … Continue reading

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Borrow Alone: The Advantages of Hiring a Borrowing Coach

The borrowing arena can be an intimidating place.  The lenders’ den is full of experienced moneymen whose primary job is to separate as much current and future cash from your wallet as possible.  If you could improve your odds by … Continue reading

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Dennis Miller’s Comedy of Errors

I’m a winner! Last Friday was a great day.  My wife and I spontaneously went to a local morning radio station remote broadcast.  We entered a couple of raffles they were holding and within 20 minutes they called my name … Continue reading

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Veterans, Thanks for your Service! What you Taught us about Borrowing Money

In honor of all military veterans on Veterans Day I thank you for your service.  So let’s take a look at our original veterans, the Minutemen of the early colonies’ militias and their tactics that can be adopted by today’s … Continue reading

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Cow Tipping was Fun but Borrower Tipping Pays Better

Rural kids, like city kids, get bored but their entertainment options are more limited.  Anyone familiar with farm country knows about cow tipping as late night fun.  The game is to sneak into a field at night and push a … Continue reading

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A Legion of Lenders is Coming Ashore: How to Fortify Your Borrowing Defenses

The Wall Street Journal reported that Bank of America plans to hire 1,000 new small business bankers in 2010-2011. The new hires will be responsible for bringing in new business by offering help with lending or cash management services. There … Continue reading

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