Are you Green or Blue? Six Essential Colors for Better Borrowing

A christmas tree.

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I like the colored lights on a Christmas tree.  The blues, greens and reds come alive and dance with the power that flows through them.  Each one has a different gift but they harmonize into a beautiful chorus on a stage of painted radiance.

I have great memories of going to grandpa’s house with the tree decorated and colorfully lighted.  We looked at labels on presents and shouted “this one’s mine!”  I remember the pillow candies in the glass bowl.  Sometimes they were stuck together.  Maybe someone licked them and decided they didn’t like the taste and then put them back in the bowl.  It didn’t matter.  It was sugar and we were kids.

So the lights are a gift.  But without electricity coursing through them they are just dead colored glass.  In the same way there are many resources out there to help you become a better borrower.  But without the power of your actions these financial gifts will remain an unlit strand of possibilities.

So I’ve colored some gifts that if used the right way can make you a better borrower in 2011.

  1. The green light represents tools to help you calmly dance in the rain of the financial crisis.  Green is the color of peace and tranquility.  We can learn to dance in the rain or huddle in the cold doorway until the storm passes.  The freedom to choose can be liberating.
  2. The blue light draws you to the help of a qualified borrowing coach.  The color blue represents trustworthiness, dependability and commitment.  Find someone like this in 2011 to help you navigate the borrowing world and make better borrowing decisions.
  3. The red light shines on revolutionary war soldiers with their Brown Bess muskets giving borrowing advice across the time continuum.  Red is the color of enthusiasm, action and confidence that they had in abundance.  Their actions can teach us to become better borrowers today.
  4. The yellow light is a source of hope, optimism and happiness.  Spend time in the mind illuminating your thankfulness for past gifts and the hope of gifts to come.  But spend most of your time in the happiness of the present moment.
  5. White isn’t a color but it is the light of purity, renewal and a fresh start.  The financial and borrowing mistakes of the past can be made right but if they remain unaltered can damage your financial legacy.  Choose the right (white?) path during your long money walk on this earth.
  6. The purple light represents royalty.  The kings of the earth often wore purple because it was extremely rare and expensive.  You can be the king or queen of your real estate castle by understanding why your home is not an investment, the reasons to not prepay your mortgage, and knowing who is profiting from your home ownership.

I wish you and your loved ones a special season filled with peace, joy and love.

Which gifts will you open and use to make you a better borrower in 2011?

What are your favorite holiday memories?

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