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Borrowing from the Bank of Dad and Mom is Easy Money and Hard Knocks

Borrowing from family is a great deal.  A comedy of errors that can be manipulated to the borrower’s advantage. In the last post I made an argument against borrowing from the parent’s perspective. Today I look at why family borrowers … Continue reading

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Five Things your Parents Wish you Knew about Borrowing Money From Them

Hey kids, tweens, teens and young adults, there are things your parents wish you knew when you borrow money from them.  There may even be some kids still asking for money from family in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.  That’s … Continue reading

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Five Reasons Your Borrowing will Crash Your Small Business

Is your small business failing because of one of these top ten reasons?  The New York Times article might help you wake up.  Maybe there’s still time to save your small business.  Maybe not.  Don’t give up yet. If you … Continue reading

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Thanks for no Memory of the Mortgage Crisis: Grab a Loan Shovel and Start Digging!

Bob Hope said “A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don’t need it.” Bob Hope died in 2003 and apparently this philosophy died with him. Banks are again embracing borrowers who … Continue reading

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Bad Dog Debt: How to Avoid Selling Your Future Lassie Happiness

How much are all the licks and barks for the rest of a dog’s life worth to the owner today? I’ll show you the link between dogs, future happiness and borrowing. My wife and I watched Lassie in our pajamas … Continue reading

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$25 for $68? Seven Defensive Moves Against Credit Card Assault

If I give you $25 today will you spend $68 more per month for the next three months? Sumit Agarwal, Sujit Chakravorti, and Anna Lunn of the The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago published research that shows how cash-back credit … Continue reading

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