The Six Pillars of Borrower Character

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I found an old flash card as I was picking through some files.  It has bright colors with catchy sayings printed on both sides and fits easily in a pocket.  It’s from my daughter’s first grade program for kids called The Six Pillars of Character.

I’m not sure how much she’s remembered or applied in her life now that she’s a young adult.  I’m hopeful and see good signs in her.  A parent is like a baker mixing ingredients of hope, reading, writing, love and example into the breakable bowl of their child and hoping the bread rises.  We can’t know how our kid will turn out until they are fully baked.  Most of us do the best we can with what we have.

So can we apply these six pillars of character to borrowers?  Sure!

Trustworthiness: Be dependable and keep your promises.  This would include your promise to repay the money you borrowed according to the terms of your loan agreement.  Especially if you borrow from your family.

Respect: What goes around comes around.  If you want to be paid on time by your employer, customers, kids and government, pay your own bills on time.  Treat others as you want to be treated.

Fairness:  Don’t be a buying or borrowing pig.  Consume what you need.  Borrow only what you can repay with some certainty.  Avoid debt indigestion.

Caring:  Your actions will impact others in big ways.  Some of them you know, others you’ll never meet.  How you live your financial life will determine your financial legacy.  Care about it.

Citizenship: The abbreviation for The United States is U.S. Take out the periods and you have US.  If you walk away from your loan or home or family, the rest of us pay in one way or another.  Be a good neighbor.  Don’t pile a burden onto others.  Carry your own load.

I know some of this is kind of sappy.  But what would our world look like if most people honored these pillars of character?

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