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Two Ways To Know Your R.O.I is A.O.K.

An investment in a business should yield more than a bank certificate of deposit which should yield more than stuffing cash in your mattress.  We need a way to compare the investment return across asset classes. The profitability financial indicators … Continue reading

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How Liquid Is Your Business? Know Your Financial Viscosity

Are your business assets like a mountain spring or engine sludge? We’ve already looked at operating, or asset management ratios.  Liquidity ratios are another important set of financial indicators.  Every company needs the ability to pay bills as they become … Continue reading

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How to Understand Your Business Operating Ratios

Do you know the information value of operating, liquidity, profitability and leverage ratios? The most important indicators on a business financial dashboard are operating ratios, also known as asset management ratios.  The ability to turn fixed assets, raw materials and … Continue reading

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Avoid The Business Ditch: Understanding Financial Performance Indicators

Do you know how hot your company’s financial engine is running? Countless executives operate with little or no understanding of their company financial performance. Sometimes they survive or thrive in spite of their lack of knowledge. Other times financial blindness … Continue reading

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How to Clean Up Your Financial Records and Polish Your Business

MF Global misplaced $600 million.  How did that happen? The business world runs on numbers. But not all businesspeople are great at collecting, storing, retrieving and publishing their financial figures. Each executive must decide what is best for their business. … Continue reading

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Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of ProBorrower

Wow, how the time flies!  Today marks a significant milestone in the life of this blog with the 75th post.  I’m a sucker for nostalgia as much as the next person so let’s take a look at the most popular … Continue reading

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Are You Scared? How To Make Business Decisions With Confidence

The drive for self-preservation is one of the strongest decision filters.  The natural drive to grapple or flee can influence our business choices.  We view our environment through a filter of survival when we feel threatened or unsafe.  Past experiences … Continue reading

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