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Who is the Father of Accounting?

Where did we get the financial record keeping system we use today?  Who said debits means left and credits means right? And why are these serious looking guys dressed up in 15th century costumes? Double entry record keeping is the … Continue reading

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Four Essential Accounting Principles For Executives

Many business executives have a hole in their basic accounting education. Either they forgot what they learned in b-school or never got formal accounting training. A business leader that doesn’t know what they don’t know is in a dangerous position. … Continue reading

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How to Evaluate Your Company Against Time and Rivals

Is your business trending up and beating the competition? It is critical to understand how your company is performing before making any capital investment, formulating business plans or borrowing money.  What you don’t know is dangerous territory for making important … Continue reading

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How is Your Financial Teeter Totter? Understanding Business Leverage Ratios

Do you remember riding the teeter totter at the park when you were a kid?  The hard wooden seat attached to the metal pole with the flaking paint of many colors.  The advantage always went to the heavier person who … Continue reading

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