For Business Borrowers

Business borrowers face many unique challenges.  A good loan can generate positive leverage for your business and help maximize profitability.  A bad loan can be an excessive drag on cash flow and a costly entanglement.  Here’s a list of the best posts for the business borrower:

In an early post I compared the marriage relationship to the borrowing relationship with some keys for creating and maintaining a successful borrowing relationship with your bank.

I discussed how some business borrowers pursue financial rabbit trails by following seductive advertising from lenders.  Stick to your business and personal borrowing strategy to avoid path integration.  It’s how animals find their way in the woods without a GPS.

If you are making big business borrowing mistakes I shared some tips to steer clear of a financial collision.

I gave my opinion of the future of borrowing.  Business borrowers can match their predictions with mine and leave a comment about who is right or wrong.

I argued for the benefits of hiring a business borrowing coach to help create a borrowing strategy, evaluate the businesses’ capacity to borrow money and develop a plan to repay the loan.

Recently I posted about the biggest borrower mistakes.  I discussed everything from having a questionable borrowing purpose to underestimating the bank’s reporting requirements.

If you are a business owner or manager, what did you find useful in these posts?  What topics would you like to read?  Please leave a comment with your suggestions.

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