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How is your Business Borrowing Fitness?

The business borrowing process looks like an Olympic bar bell.  One end is heavily weighted with borrowing preparation and the other end with servicing the loan after closing.  Lift these correctly and you will have a successful borrowing experience.  Lift … Continue reading

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Lenders are Advancing! Borrowers, Run for the Lettuce!

How do you compete when you are outgunned, outmanned, outmatched and every other OUTed in the dictionary? What hope do borrowers have today?  Is hope the best strategy there is? The Wall Street Journal reported that lenders are becoming very … Continue reading

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Best Posts from Pro Borrower-50th Anniversary Edition

Who would have thought the fiftieth post anniversary would come so soon?  It’s been a great blog ride so far.  Here are the best of from the first fifty posts: The most popular post by far has been a history … Continue reading

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Are you Green or Blue? Six Essential Colors for Better Borrowing

I like the colored lights on a Christmas tree.  The blues, greens and reds come alive and dance with the power that flows through them.  Each one has a different gift but they harmonize into a beautiful chorus on a … Continue reading

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Blue Sky or Head in the Clouds? Home Ownership Dreamin’

What has the residential real estate crash taught us? The survey says: NOT MUCH! Fannie Mae published a study on the attitudes about home ownership and we haven’t learned much from the experience.  What about my fellow residents of the … Continue reading

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Dennis Miller’s Comedy of Errors

I’m a winner! Last Friday was a great day.  My wife and I spontaneously went to a local morning radio station remote broadcast.  We entered a couple of raffles they were holding and within 20 minutes they called my name … Continue reading

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Veterans, Thanks for your Service! What you Taught us about Borrowing Money

In honor of all military veterans on Veterans Day I thank you for your service.  So let’s take a look at our original veterans, the Minutemen of the early colonies’ militias and their tactics that can be adopted by today’s … Continue reading

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