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U.S Borrowing Mess and Standard and Poor’s Negative Credit Outlook

What does one of the most well known credit rating agencies believe is important when evaluating a borrower? Consider the opinion of Standard and Poor’s about The United States’ creditworthiness and how it changed today from stable to a negative … Continue reading

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Cow Tipping was Fun but Borrower Tipping Pays Better

Rural kids, like city kids, get bored but their entertainment options are more limited.  Anyone familiar with farm country knows about cow tipping as late night fun.  The game is to sneak into a field at night and push a … Continue reading

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The Colonials Fight for Rights and Community

My wife and I visited some of the historic sites around Boston last weekend.  It was very cool to touch history and see buildings that were constructed in the 1600’s.  It is a vivid contrast to things in Arizona where … Continue reading

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