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Leverage Bookkeeping To Work On Your Business, Not In Your Business

Today the typical business executive is overwhelmed with the demands to maintain accurate accounting records and produce timely financial reporting. Your time spent on entering, reviewing and publishing financial data is time lost for working ON the business. Would you … Continue reading

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Impress Your Lender With Organized Financial Reporting

Bookkeeping and accounting services exist for the sole purpose of working with financial records. Business executives and owners can leverage their expertise to promote a better business life. The great thing about organized financial records and professional financial statements is … Continue reading

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The Bookkeeper Bath: How to Clean Up Your Financial Records and Polish Your Business

The business world runs on numbers. But not all businesspeople are great at collecting, storing, retrieving and publishing their financial figures. Each executive must decide what is best for their business. Either learn how to keep better financial records or … Continue reading

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Avoid The Business Ditch: Understanding Financial Performance Indicators

Do you know how hot your company’s financial engine is running? Countless executives operate with little or no understanding of their company financial performance. Sometimes they survive or thrive in spite of their lack of knowledge. Other times financial blindness … Continue reading

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Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of ProBorrower

Wow, how the time flies!  Today marks a significant milestone in the life of this blog with the 75th post.  I’m a sucker for nostalgia as much as the next person so let’s take a look at the most popular … Continue reading

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How to Create an Effective Business Borrowing Plan

What are the biggest mistakes small businesses owners make? According to Hiscox, a Bermuda based insurance company, and reported in the “In Charge” WJS blog, these business mistakes are most common: higher-than-expected costs hiring the wrong people not knowing how to … Continue reading

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Financial Rabbit Trails v.s. GPS Financing: How to Avoid Path Integration

Are you following a financial rabbit trail?  Does it loop around in seemingly endless illogical patterns? Animals use path integration to determine their location and direction.  In this post we’ll learn how to manage the impulse to follow a financial … Continue reading

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