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How to Evaluate Your Company Against Time and Rivals

Is your business trending up and beating the competition? It is critical to understand how your company is performing before making any capital investment, formulating business plans or borrowing money.  What you don’t know is dangerous territory for making important … Continue reading

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How is Your Financial Teeter Totter? Understanding Business Leverage Ratios

Do you remember riding the teeter totter at the park when you were a kid?  The hard wooden seat attached to the metal pole with the flaking paint of many colors.  The advantage always went to the heavier person who … Continue reading

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Avoid The Business Ditch: Understanding Financial Performance Indicators

Do you know how hot your company’s financial engine is running? Countless executives operate with little or no understanding of their company financial performance. Sometimes they survive or thrive in spite of their lack of knowledge. Other times financial blindness … Continue reading

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Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of ProBorrower

Wow, how the time flies!  Today marks a significant milestone in the life of this blog with the 75th post.  I’m a sucker for nostalgia as much as the next person so let’s take a look at the most popular … Continue reading

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How to Brew Great Business Decisions Without a Filter

The French press is the absolute best way to make a cup of coffee.  Do you believe me?  It took 25 years to learn that the drip method of brewing coffee is just not as good.  I started making french … Continue reading

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How to Prevent Distractions From Fogging Your Executive Decisions

Filters. We all have them and look through them at the world around us. We are a product of our environment and the fortune or misfortune of personal and professional events.  We use these filters consciously or subconsciously to make … Continue reading

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Give me Borrowing Discipline or Give me Death!

Was Patrick Henry right?   Was he a drama queen or passionate patriot?  What’s the big deal about liberty anyway?  EVERYTHING! Our founding fathers can teach us a thing or two about borrowing money. The masses can enjoy increased liberty … Continue reading

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