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The Hamlet Method of Borrowing Money: To be or not to be the first offerer

To reveal your position first or not to reveal; that is the borrower’s big question. WSJ had an interesting article by Mike Michalowicz who argued that the shrewd negotiator offers first and reveals their bargaining position.  In other words, be … Continue reading

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Are You Being Blinded by Brilliance and Compounding Mistakes with Debt?

Do you have a great business idea?  Is your brilliance so stunning that it’s blinding your borrowing sense? In a recent post by Marla Tabaka she blogged about how to execute great ideas.  You know, those ideas that are sure … Continue reading

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Borrowing Money for Business? Five Ways the Future will be Different

We’ve seen the extremes of borrowing money from the excesses of the sub-prime era to the credit drought for businesses.  What landscape will business borrowers face in the future? 1.  Non-traditional sources of business borrowing will be more common including … Continue reading

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Lenders are Advancing! Borrowers, Run for the Lettuce!

How do you compete when you are outgunned, outmanned, outmatched and every other OUTed in the dictionary? What hope do borrowers have today?  Is hope the best strategy there is? The Wall Street Journal reported that lenders are becoming very … Continue reading

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The Six Pillars of Borrower Character

I found an old flash card as I was picking through some files.  It has bright colors with catchy sayings printed on both sides and fits easily in a pocket.  It’s from my daughter’s first grade program for kids called … Continue reading

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Best Posts from Pro Borrower-50th Anniversary Edition

Who would have thought the fiftieth post anniversary would come so soon?  It’s been a great blog ride so far.  Here are the best of from the first fifty posts: The most popular post by far has been a history … Continue reading

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Borrowing from the Bank of Dad and Mom is Easy Money and Hard Knocks

Borrowing from family is a great deal.  A comedy of errors that can be manipulated to the borrower’s advantage. In the last post I made an argument against borrowing from the parent’s perspective. Today I look at why family borrowers … Continue reading

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