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Housing Takes an Uppercut! Will it get off the Canvas this Time?

Is the residential real estate market taking a knockout blow? WSJ.com reported that borrowing conditions have tightened at this stage of the real estate cycle.  Economists are worried that the housing market might turn down again because of tight borrowing … Continue reading

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Sam Adams, George Wythe and Francis Lewis: Colonial Leaders with Something to Say about America’s Financial Trust Deficit

Imagine what the founding fathers of the United States would say about the tyranny and bondage of excessive debt on Americans and American business today! The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article about the “trust deficit’ that is widening … Continue reading

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5 Lessons from U.S. Revolutionary War History that can Make Better Borrowers

What do the Brown Bess Musket and borrowing money have in common?  I have experience with the musket and borrowing money so I’m going to draw the analogy that may help you become a better borrower. The History of the … Continue reading

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Top Posts for Business Borrowers

To continue the celebration of the first 25-post milestone, here is a list of the top posts for the business borrower. In an early post I compared the marriage relationship to the borrowing relationship with some keys for creating and … Continue reading

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The Best of the First Quarter: A Pro Borrower’s Beginning

    I’m amazed that I’ve been posting twice a week for the last 3 months.  Time flies when you’re sharing experiences as a professional borrower.  My goal is to get to 104 posts and then evaluate the future of … Continue reading

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Are you a Borrowing Gladiator? How to Survive the Lion’s Den of Debt

    You’ve heard of the seven deadly sins, right?  How about the four P’s of marketing?  Many business and consumer borrowers make five serious mistakes before, during or after borrowing money.  Be a winner in the borrowing arena by … Continue reading

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Who’s Helping the Borrower? The Advantages of Having a Borrowing Coach

    When I look at the borrowing landscape I see the terrain heavily in favor of the lenders.  The banks, insurance companies and Wall Street lenders have deep financial resources and a roster of players with impressive college pedigrees … Continue reading

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