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How is Your Financial Teeter Totter? Understanding Business Leverage Ratios

Do you remember riding the teeter totter at the park when you were a kid?  The hard wooden seat attached to the metal pole with the flaking paint of many colors.  The advantage always went to the heavier person who … Continue reading

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Two Ways To Know Your R.O.I is A.O.K.

An investment in a business should yield more than a bank certificate of deposit which should yield more than stuffing cash in your mattress.  We need a way to compare the investment return across asset classes. The profitability financial indicators … Continue reading

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How to Understand Your Business Operating Ratios

Do you know the information value of operating, liquidity, profitability and leverage ratios? The most important indicators on a business financial dashboard are operating ratios, also known as asset management ratios.  The ability to turn fixed assets, raw materials and … Continue reading

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How to be a Style Conscious Decision Maker

Who’s the worst boss you ever had?  I bet a name and face comes to mind pretty quickly, right?  At some level you didn’t like some part of his or her leadership style. 1. She was distracted and made goofy … Continue reading

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How to Prevent Distractions From Fogging Your Executive Decisions

Filters. We all have them and look through them at the world around us. We are a product of our environment and the fortune or misfortune of personal and professional events.  We use these filters consciously or subconsciously to make … Continue reading

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Give me Borrowing Discipline or Give me Death!

Was Patrick Henry right?   Was he a drama queen or passionate patriot?  What’s the big deal about liberty anyway?  EVERYTHING! Our founding fathers can teach us a thing or two about borrowing money. The masses can enjoy increased liberty … Continue reading

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Are You Being Blinded by Brilliance and Compounding Mistakes with Debt?

Do you have a great business idea?  Is your brilliance so stunning that it’s blinding your borrowing sense? In a recent post by Marla Tabaka she blogged about how to execute great ideas.  You know, those ideas that are sure … Continue reading

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