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Borrowing Money for Business? Five Ways the Future will be Different

We’ve seen the extremes of borrowing money from the excesses of the sub-prime era to the credit drought for businesses.  What landscape will business borrowers face in the future? 1.  Non-traditional sources of business borrowing will be more common including … Continue reading

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Five Things your Parents Wish you Knew about Borrowing Money From Them

Hey kids, tweens, teens and young adults, there are things your parents wish you knew when you borrow money from them.  There may even be some kids still asking for money from family in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.  That’s … Continue reading

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Bad Dog Debt: How to Avoid Selling Your Future Lassie Happiness

How much are all the licks and barks for the rest of a dog’s life worth to the owner today? I’ll show you the link between dogs, future happiness and borrowing. My wife and I watched Lassie in our pajamas … Continue reading

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New Hampshire, The Granite State of Financial Capability

Congratulations to the people of the State of New Hampshire for being very financially capable!  The citizens of The Granite State are rock solid in personal finance compared with the rest of the United States. The FINRA Investor Education Foundation … Continue reading

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What is the Future of Borrowing Money?

So what does the future look like for borrowers big and small? The credit crisis that began in 2007 with sub-prime mortgage defaults and moved to commercial loans in the fall of 2008 with the demise of Lehman Brothers has … Continue reading

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What’s your Borrowing I.Q.? Take the Test and Win the Title

Here’s a chance for you to test your borrowing intelligence quotient.  Some of the questions were covered in previous posts and some are brand new material.  I’ve wanted to be the devious professor who gives the brutally hard test with … Continue reading

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Operation Mortgage Freedom or Prisoner of Myth? The Soldier Dollar Wars

We all want the truth when it comes to financing our home, right?  What is truth?  This is part three of a series on housing and mortgages.  The last two posts covered some common beliefs about home ownership: September 8, … Continue reading

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