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Lenders are Advancing! Borrowers, Run for the Lettuce!

How do you compete when you are outgunned, outmanned, outmatched and every other OUTed in the dictionary? What hope do borrowers have today?  Is hope the best strategy there is? The Wall Street Journal reported that lenders are becoming very … Continue reading

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Thanks for no Memory of the Mortgage Crisis: Grab a Loan Shovel and Start Digging!

Bob Hope said “A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don’t need it.” Bob Hope died in 2003 and apparently this philosophy died with him. Banks are again embracing borrowers who … Continue reading

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Housing Takes an Uppercut! Will it get off the Canvas this Time?

Is the residential real estate market taking a knockout blow? WSJ.com reported that borrowing conditions have tightened at this stage of the real estate cycle.  Economists are worried that the housing market might turn down again because of tight borrowing … Continue reading

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Borrowers with an Attitude; Debt for Thought

Thanksgiving is a special day for Americans.  It’s a day we celebrate all kinds of good fortune and even some discomforts.  In the midst of the worst financial crisis since The Great Depression I have a short list of things … Continue reading

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The Best of the First Quarter: A Pro Borrower’s Beginning

    I’m amazed that I’ve been posting twice a week for the last 3 months.  Time flies when you’re sharing experiences as a professional borrower.  My goal is to get to 104 posts and then evaluate the future of … Continue reading

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What’s your Borrowing I.Q.? Take the Test and Win the Title

Here’s a chance for you to test your borrowing intelligence quotient.  Some of the questions were covered in previous posts and some are brand new material.  I’ve wanted to be the devious professor who gives the brutally hard test with … Continue reading

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Home Ownership and Mortgage Rewind

We’ve had some fun looking at home ownership and mortgages over the last several posts.  Let’s review what we’ve learned: September 22, 2010: The tale of the tortoise and the hare is an excellent object lesson about why going long, … Continue reading

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