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When is an Accounting Cycle Like a Unicycle?

What is an accounting cycle? You may have asked yourself this question at some point in your business career.  The next question may have been why do I need to know this? An accounting cycle is not like other cycles … Continue reading

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How to Evaluate Your Company Against Time and Rivals

Is your business trending up and beating the competition? It is critical to understand how your company is performing before making any capital investment, formulating business plans or borrowing money.  What you don’t know is dangerous territory for making important … Continue reading

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U.S Borrowing Mess and Standard and Poor’s Negative Credit Outlook

What does one of the most well known credit rating agencies believe is important when evaluating a borrower? Consider the opinion of Standard and Poor’s about The United States’ creditworthiness and how it changed today from stable to a negative … Continue reading

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How to Create an Effective Business Borrowing Plan

What are the biggest mistakes small businesses owners make? According to Hiscox, a Bermuda based insurance company, and reported in the “In Charge” WJS blog, these business mistakes are most common: higher-than-expected costs hiring the wrong people not knowing how to … Continue reading

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Five Reasons Your Borrowing will Crash Your Small Business

Is your small business failing because of one of these top ten reasons?  The New York Times article might help you wake up.  Maybe there’s still time to save your small business.  Maybe not.  Don’t give up yet. If you … Continue reading

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A Legion of Lenders is Coming Ashore: How to Fortify Your Borrowing Defenses

The Wall Street Journal reported that Bank of America plans to hire 1,000 new small business bankers in 2010-2011. The new hires will be responsible for bringing in new business by offering help with lending or cash management services. There … Continue reading

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