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How to Create an Effective Business Borrowing Plan

What are the biggest mistakes small businesses owners make? According to Hiscox, a Bermuda based insurance company, and reported in the “In Charge” WJS blog, these business mistakes are most common: higher-than-expected costs hiring the wrong people not knowing how to … Continue reading

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The Six Pillars of Borrower Character

I found an old flash card as I was picking through some files.  It has bright colors with catchy sayings printed on both sides and fits easily in a pocket.  It’s from my daughter’s first grade program for kids called … Continue reading

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Five Reasons Your Borrowing will Crash Your Small Business

Is your small business failing because of one of these top ten reasons?  The New York Times article might help you wake up.  Maybe there’s still time to save your small business.  Maybe not.  Don’t give up yet. If you … Continue reading

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Seven Borrowing Resolutions for 2011: The Art of Won’t

Well 2010 is nearly past.  2011 is just ahead.  What will we change to make the most of the new year?  What will we keep the same? The end of the year is the perfect time to reflect on the … Continue reading

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Can We Learn to Dance in the Financial Rain of the Great Recession?

The depressed economy, falling house prices, grinding joblessness, war, politicians drunkenly spending other peoples’ money; the list goes on and on.  When will it stop raining? What if we asked instead, how can I dance in the rain? I was … Continue reading

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Dennis Miller’s Comedy of Errors

I’m a winner! Last Friday was a great day.  My wife and I spontaneously went to a local morning radio station remote broadcast.  We entered a couple of raffles they were holding and within 20 minutes they called my name … Continue reading

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Sam Adams, George Wythe and Francis Lewis: Colonial Leaders with Something to Say about America’s Financial Trust Deficit

Imagine what the founding fathers of the United States would say about the tyranny and bondage of excessive debt on Americans and American business today! The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article about the “trust deficit’ that is widening … Continue reading

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