The Philosophy of Borrowing

If this blog was a college philosophy department, the course catalog would include (click on the link to see the post):

The Hamlet Method of Borrowing: Is it better to make your bargaining position known first when borrowing money?  I argue that you should never tell your lender the most you’ll pay in interest rate or what terms you’ll accept.

The Long Money Walk: From a money perspective, when we finish our walk in this life we’ll figuratively untie our financial bootlaces for the last time.  Our financial accomplishments and spending failures, borrowing achievements and investment regrets will impact those whom we leave behind.  Here’s a few ways our financial “boots” will impact those around us at the end of life’s trail.

Bad Dog Debt:  How to Avoid Selling Your Future Lassie Happiness
What is the one thing that brings you so much present happiness you could never consider mortgaging the future happiness that thing will bring?  In this post I show you the link between dogs, future happiness and borrowing.

Are you Blue or Green? Six Essential Colors for Better Borrowing: The meaning of colors can lead us to make better borrowing decisions, correct the borrowing decisions of the past and learn to live in peace with the present condition of our debt.

Dancing in the Financial Rain of the Great Recession: When the rain of your financial life is pouring there are techniques that can help you dance through the adversity and change your outlook.

A Borrowing Attitude of Gratitude: In the midst of the worst financial crisis since The Great Depression I have a short list of things for which borrowers can give thanks.

The Anatomy of a Borrowing Coach: The borrowing arena can be an intimidating place.  If you could improve your odds by having a borrower advocate, someone to look out for your interests, what would that person look like?

The Patriots Speak! Imagine what the founding fathers of the United States would say about the tyranny and bondage of excessive debt on Americans and American business today!

Flying a Debt Desk: I went from army pilot to corporate “finance guy” but I see parallels between piloting a helicopter and borrowing money.

High Altitude Borrowing and Debt Hypoxia: So how can you make great borrowing decisions if you breathe the rarified air of power and authority?

Spicy Food and Borrowing Lessons Learned: Can food teach us something about borrowing money?  I think it can.  Follow me.

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