About Me

I created this blog to help borrowers at all levels become more knowledgeable about debt in order to make more informed decisions about one of the biggest financial moves of their personal and professional lives.  I love to teach.  This is my little university about things related to debt.  I hope my efforts can make life a little less stressful and a little more profitable for borrowers in business and personal life.

I was a professional borrower for one of the largest U.S, publicly traded real estate investment trusts for nearly 16 years.  My employer specialized in the acquisition; development, re-development, management and leasing of large scale retail shopping centers.  My role as vice president of finance was to direct, develop, and ensure effectiveness of very large real estate loan transactions.  I managed the preparation of loan offering proposals, screening of lenders, and evaluation of lenders’ loan quotes.  I also ensured profitability through strategic negotiation of terms and pricing while streamlining the due diligence process and negotiating loan documents.  I managed, guided and coordinated the loan closing process.  After nearly 16 years and more than $4 billion of borrowing activity I have earned the “badge” of “professional borrower.”

I have an MBA in finance from the University of Arizona.  I served in the U.S. Army first as an infantryman and then as a commissioned officer and helicopter pilot.  I served as treasurer for my church and have a real estate sales license in Arizona.  I have an adult daughter and a lovely wife of many years.  We enjoy our Australian Shepherd, smorgasbord Papillon Savannah and our Pug Lucy.  We love to camp and hike, exercise and watch great movies.

Legal Stuff

This blog is the personal expression of me, Michael Shelton.  I was employed by a large, U.S. publicly traded real estate investment trust.  My posts and other material on this site do not represent the views of my current or former employers.  I am blogging for my own creative interests and desire to write about what I enjoy and know best.  If my views and the views of my employers happen to be the same it is purely coincidental.  I’m not paid by any employer to write this blog unless otherwise disclosed.  All material on this site is copyright (c) Michael L. Shelton and is copyright protected as of the date of posting.  The views expressed on this site are mine and I’m not paid by anyone nor do I have an economic interest in any products or services listed here unless I tell you otherwise.

I am not responsible for the content of third party sites linked to or from this site.  I reserve the rights to refuse access to anyone I choose for any reason whatsoever.  Please don’t publish anything bad here and don’t link to any bad sites.  Be a decent person, contribute value to this site and don’t be a bonehead.  I don’t guaranty the accuracy of any information that appears on this site or is linked to or from this site although I try very hard to ensure reliable and accurate stuff is published on this site.  I’m not an investment advisor, lawyer or accountant.  Don’t rely on me for investment advice, legal counsel or accounting/tax advice.  I don’t give any guarantees about anything on this site.; reader beware.