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The Urinalysis of Borrowing Money: Empty Bladder, Lighter Wallet?

Should you pee or not pee before deciding to borrow money?  The Telegraph posted an article about the brain function that controls impulse decisions. Turns out this is the same center that allows us to hold out for a bathroom … Continue reading

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Borrowing from the Bank of Dad and Mom is Easy Money and Hard Knocks

Borrowing from family is a great deal.  A comedy of errors that can be manipulated to the borrower’s advantage. In the last post I made an argument against borrowing from the parent’s perspective. Today I look at why family borrowers … Continue reading

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Five Things your Parents Wish you Knew about Borrowing Money From Them

Hey kids, tweens, teens and young adults, there are things your parents wish you knew when you borrow money from them.  There may even be some kids still asking for money from family in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.  That’s … Continue reading

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Eat Well, Borrow Well; the Preventative for Debt Indigestion

Can food teach us something about borrowing money?  I think it can.  Follow me. My family and I went to a local sports grill for dinner last week.  The juicy burger richly robed in cream cheese and jalapeños reached out … Continue reading

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