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The Lender of the Pack: How to Hunt for Business Loans Like an Alpha Dog

The search for a loan is a critical tactic in your business plan. There is a right way to secure business financing that will preserve your lending relationships, maximize your borrowing effectiveness and promote business growth. Be a more durable … Continue reading

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Leverage Bookkeeping To Work On Your Business, Not In Your Business

Today the typical business executive is overwhelmed with the demands to maintain accurate accounting records and produce timely financial reporting. Your time spent on entering, reviewing and publishing financial data is time lost for working ON the business. Would you … Continue reading

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Impress Your Lender With Organized Financial Reporting

Bookkeeping and accounting services exist for the sole purpose of working with financial records. Business executives and owners can leverage their expertise to promote a better business life. The great thing about organized financial records and professional financial statements is … Continue reading

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The Bookkeeper Bath: How to Clean Up Your Financial Records and Polish Your Business

The business world runs on numbers. But not all businesspeople are great at collecting, storing, retrieving and publishing their financial figures. Each executive must decide what is best for their business. Either learn how to keep better financial records or … Continue reading

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How to Calculate a Capital Investment Return (ROI)

You have a plan to strategically invest your business capital. You want growth in sales and value for your company and you have identified one or more opportunities to deploy your company’s cash and accomplish your business objectives. How can … Continue reading

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How Liquid Is Your Business? Know Your Financial Viscosity

Are your business assets like a mountain spring or engine sludge? We’ve already looked at operating, or asset management ratios.  Liquidity ratios are another important set of financial indicators.  Every company needs the ability to pay bills as they become … Continue reading

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Avoid The Business Ditch: Understanding Financial Performance Indicators

Do you know how hot your company’s financial engine is running? Countless executives operate with little or no understanding of their company financial performance. Sometimes they survive or thrive in spite of their lack of knowledge. Other times financial blindness … Continue reading

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